The Need of Addons (User Interface Part 2).

To pick up where I left off yesterday- there’s a debate that has been buzzing around the WoW blog-o-sphere for some time now.  Whether or not it’s essential to raid, or even to play, with addons tacked on to your UI.  Brigwyn, of the Hunting Lodge, thinks that it would be better if we all played the game ‘as it was intended’, whereas many other bloggers and WoW players feel that it was intended to be played with addons, since Blizzard allowed them.

So where do I stand?  I love addons, and I’ll always use them.  But that doesn’t mean have to.  Some mods like  Deadly Boss Mods, make things considerably easier in dungeons and raids, and if you don’t like the default UI, addons could be a good option for you.  But I don’t think anyone should be pressured into using addons because it will “make them better players”.  That’s a load of crap.  Being a better players will make you a better players, addons have nothing to do with it.

Sure, there are classes out there that benifit from a custom UI.  Feral druids being a great example.  It’s tough to raid with the default UI when you have so much to keep an eye on.  Does that mean it’s impossible?  Of course not.  People can raid with default UIs and still do more damage then raiders who pimp their UI to the max.  It’s a game of skill, not of robots telling you what to do.

But, on the same hand, if you like addons, why not use them?  I play with them, and I think I’d go a  little bit crazy without it.  More than a little, in fact.  But, addons are tools.  Never consider them something more than that.  They might help your game, and they might not.  But the thing that’s going to make the biggest difference- is you.

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